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Supporting & promoting youth cricket in Sussex

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Welcome to the ‘Ton-Up’ Club Lottery. Your chance to win up to £500!

The rules are as follows;

  • Members give £10 per year to enter the ‘Ton-Up’ club – or as many £10’s as they wish. Each £10 secures a number which is entered in every lottery.
  • The closing date for entry into the ‘Ton-up’ club will be 28th June each year.
  • There will be four draws per year with the draws being made on 30th June, 31st July, 31st August and a larger draw on 30th
  • Each draw will have five prizes; The June, July and August prizes being £20, £20, £20, £50 and £100. The November prizes will be £25, £25, £50, £100 and £250.
  • When you join you’ll be given a unique number that you keep for as long as you’re in the lottery. If you win, we’ll simply pop a cheque in the post. It’s that easy.

Every day our lottery members are playing an important part in promoting and supporting youth cricket in Sussex.

Results of the November draw

1st Prize – N Pearson

2nd – R Dakin

3rd – C Burton

4th – R Banham

5th – C Harrison

TON UP Club Terms & Conditions

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