The ‘Ton-Up’ Club

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Supporting & promoting youth cricket in Sussex

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Welcome to the ‘Ton-Up’ Club Lottery. Your chance to win up to £500!

The rules are as followed;

  • Members give £10 per year to enter the ‘Ton-Up’ club – or as many £10’s as they wish. Each £10 secures a number which is entered in every lottery.
  • The closing date for entry into the ‘Ton-up’ club will be 28th June each year.
  • There will be four draws per year with the draws being made on 30th June, 31st July, 31st August and a larger draw on 30th
  • Each draw will have five prizes; The June, July and August prizes being £50, £50, £50, £100 and £200. The November prizes will be £50, £50, £100, £200 and £500.
  • When you join you’ll be given a unique number that you keep for as long as you’re in the lottery. If you win, we’ll simply pop a cheque in the post. It’s that easy.

Every day our lottery members are playing an important part in promoting and supporting youth cricket in Sussex.

TON UP Club Terms & Conditions

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