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Water Safety Week


SCF are proud to be Supporting ESFRS and the CFOA Water Safety Week. CFOA Drowning Prevention and Water Safety Week is running from 24 – 30 April. The week will be focussing on key issues highlighting safety advice around leisure activities generally perceived as low risk.

Nearly half the people who drowned in 2015 didn’t mean to go into the water. The week-long campaign will highlight awareness around what to do if someone falls into deep water, the dangers of cold water shock and the unexpected power of the water.

SAFETY IN THE HOME: East and West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service


The Sussex Cricket Foundation are delighted to be working in partnership with the East and West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service on the Safety in Home Campaign.

The campaign will advise people in Sussex of recent trends in fires in the home, and will aim to ensure that Sussex homes are suitably protected by Fire and Carbon Dioxide Alarms that are tested regularly. Other safety messages such as electrical safety will also be promoted.

As a result we hope to see a reduction in accidental fires in the home and safer communities . The partnership is offering all Sussex Cricket members, who are residents of East & West Sussex, the opportunity for the fire crew to visit their home to undertake a Home Safety Visit including fire safety advice and fitting of smoke detectors if required.

There is no cost for the visit and smoke detectors are also free. To arrange a visit please see this link: 

Sun Safety

Cancer Awareness

An awareness campaign with Cancer Research UK around Testicular cancer, entitled “Legal Ball Tampering” was supported by the club and players.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer affecting men between the ages of 15 and 44.

4th February – World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

Water Safety

Sea safety

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